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Welcome to grefith labs
  Hearty welcome to the universe of Grefith Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. an Indian organized sector pharmaceutical company, established by a team of marketing professionals with significant wealth of experience way back in 2005. Company started its operations initially in Northern region of the country as a marketer of Pharmaceutical formulations for use in different disciplines of medicine. During the first 8 years of operation. Company achieved remarkable sales growth justifying thereby that the quality of its offerings have been very well accepted together with their added value, by the members of the medical profession. This has given the company adequate encouragement and impetus to forge ahead by introducing the latest pharmaceutical formulations with innovative sales promotional strategy. Company has a well- trained, dedicated field force for strategy implementation in the field and this has enabled the company to record steady progress in achieving business results.

“ THINK QUALITY, DESIGN QUALITY AND PRODUCE QUALITY” influence all actions, decisions of the Management keeping in view the GOAL of achieving customers’ satisfaction.